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What's The Meaning Of The Brooch?
- Aug 08, 2017 -

Implication one: inlaid pearl brooch, said "kind-hearted, pure and flawless", and there is "reverence and modesty" meaning, such as jadeite with diamond brooch, represents "noble, eternal, deep friendship long, with constant value."
Implication two: Light jade brooch, representative temperament rare, talent rare, at the same time express admiration, Frank.
Implication three: can be used as a brooch, can also be used as a pendant, indicating that people have flexibility, understand the flexibility of change.
Moral four: If the pure diamond brooch, representing the noble, gorgeous, beautiful eye-catching, happy life.
Meaning five: Amber brooch represents life colorful, do not have fun.
Implication VI: Coral brooch represents deep and simple, with depth and vitality.