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What Are The Characteristics Of Lace?
- Aug 08, 2017 -

Eyelashes lace fabrics are widely used in clothing, underwear, a variety of home textiles above, especially men, although men are less used to say the lace, but useful in this eye lashes lace fabric/eyelashes lace men, wear on the body, looks very handsome, high-end, the first eye to the feeling is the clothes are high-grade products, good-looking! Of course, women's wear this fabric/lace, is very many, a variety of different styles, are very eye-catching!

In recent years, eye lashes lace fabric/eyelashes lace is very hot, more and more designers saw his bright spot, a common clothes, as long as the eye eyelash lace fabric/eyelashes lace, this dress will immediately have a distinctive feature and attract a large number of consumption, this is because the flower shape of different ordinary lace, its novel, Transparent, exquisite, especially on the edge with a whisker-like line, so that the dress with this lace is more upscale, exquisite and temperament!