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Seven Inspection Procedures For Buttons
- Aug 08, 2017 -

Button production is required to have a test procedure, only the inspection of qualified buttons, can go to the market, the following is the seven of the button inspection procedures:
1. Check the color and model of the sample in accordance with the sample.
2. Surface should not crack, notch, uneven and obvious scratches;
3. No Chesian, bubble, no rotten edge, uneven thickness;
4. The pattern should be no obvious deformation, no supercilious, white circle and other phenomena;
5. The buttonhole should be smooth and clear, and the needle is all worn and broken, to be symmetrical and without large eyes, if the dark eye buckle, the dark eye groove should be smooth, no obvious burst.
6. The same batch button color should not be lower than the GB250 four standard, compared with the sample, should not be less than GB250 three standard.
7. Packaging inspection, after the appearance of all qualified, and then the packaging, in the packing should be placed in a certificate or other label, the number of packaging should be consistent with the provisions, and the actual quantity of each bag to be consistent with the specified quantity, found because the thickness of different or other reasons exceed the tolerance when the full test.

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