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Ladies Wear Brooches What's The Stress
- Aug 08, 2017 -

Because of the different seasons, clothing will change, the choice of brooches should be different, summer should wear lightweight brooch, winter should wear a larger, exquisite style, material luxury brooch, and spring and autumn can be worn with the nature of the color of the green and golden brooch.

When wearing a brooch placed in what position also pay attention to, generally wear led clothing, brooch worn on the left side, wear not lead clothes, then wear on the right; the hair is left-sided, worn on the right side, on the other hand on the left, if the hairstyle is left, and the clothes are led, the brooch should be worn on the right collar, or simply not wear, the top and bottom position of the brooch should be in the first and second buttons between the parallel position.