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How To Fix The Pattern Of The Cloth Embroidery?
- Aug 08, 2017 -

1. Felt class or flying edge class, embroidered line with a small contrast of the direct needle or back Tan (note that the width of the package is generally half the position, it is best not to overlap the needle back and forth, the second way should be more by the inside point); flying edge with three needles or 5 stitches, it is best to use a single needle to go round and embroider.

2. Flat cloth type, this kind of fabric mainly will drop the yarn, fixed can use the E word needle first, or a single needle with a PIN pin first fixed, and then in the side of the bag in the place with a single needle fixed and then serrated (triangular needle) fixed, generally said to be foolproof (this fabric in the stamping before the best bonding).

3. Knitting class, the main problem of this fabric is contraction, so in the outer frame of the tape to try to pull over, generally outside the edge of the package 0.3-0.5MM is good, fixed can be in the middle of the package to take a needle first, and then with a triangular pin to fix.