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Application Of Lace Fabric Underwear
- Aug 08, 2017 -

Lace fabric as one of the important decorative underwear, in the application is also more flexible, different styles of lace fabrics can not only be used in the local underwear, but also can be used in the overall decoration, of course, the use of different parts of the effect is not the same.

For example, the use of underwear in the shoulder strap, cup and other local decoration, with the fabric of color, pattern, texture, to form a unified style, can reflect the youthful lively style characteristics, highlighting the overall shape of the beautiful and exquisite, style of novelty and chic, the use of underwear in the whole cup of decoration, can lace fabric of the kind of implicit, hazy aesthetic display incisively and vividly, if the grasp of the lace fabric characteristics and the combination of cloth, will be more prominent underwear "through" rather than "Ming" hazy Feeling, Thus increasing the decorative charm of underwear.