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The main ingredient of lace lace
- Aug 08, 2017 -

Nylon (or polyester) + spandex: Common elastic lace nylon + polyester + (spandex): can be made into two-color lace, through the brocade and polyester dyed on different colors produced.
Whole polyester (or whole nylon): Also can be divided into monofilament and filament, single silk type more used for wedding category; Long silk can imitate the effect of cotton.
Nylon (Polyester) + cotton: can be made into the color effect of the flower bottom.
The whole cotton lace also has the noble descent, is the exquisite craft in the high custom, now used in advanced garments, from the original hand-woven mesh lace, to dress decoration, and then to the perspective of the fabric, or gorgeous innocence, or coquettish sexy, in short, lace is no longer a simple clothing decoration, with their own personality charm.